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   THERE IS A LAW that is decisive for the continuance of the entire Creation: The Law of the Necessary Balance between Giving and Taking.

Every happening in Creation is subject to this Law, whether it be the interaction between the forces of the celestial bodies or the sense of balance of the physical body. We follow it daily, though mostly unconsciously, when breathing in and breathing out. Or we endeavor to “get things to balance.” On the other hand we come to grief when something “upsets our balance” in things big as well as small, for nonobservance of this Law causes obstruction and disturbance, and if it is persistently disregarded, even downfall and ruin. Let us think for a moment of the relation between work and rest. Unnecessary exaggeration in work is just as harmful as a comfortable life, a “retiring from work.” Both bring disease and premature death. Only the right alternation between them has a balancing effect.

The constant balance between giving and taking makes for healthy movement, which alone brings upbuilding and maintenance, and invigorates and refreshes the spirit. Harmony and peace enter when giving and taking balance each other.

Giving ranks first here, for only in giving is taking implied; just as we must first give something through proper exhalation, in order to be able to receive the invigorating elements through the deep inhalation thus brought about.

Therefore Jesus also said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20, 35). He who gives selflessly, whether of earthly or spiritual values, ultimately gives most to himself, because he may receive many times more than the good fruits arising from his good seeds!

Every act of giving must be balanced by a counter-value in some form. Even a person without means can thus bring about a balance by a kind look, heartfelt gratitude or some good advice.

The same meaning lies in Goethe's utterance: “What from your fathers' heritage is lent, earn it anew, to really possess it!” (Faust, Part 1). The act of earning expresses the exerting of oneself, the work that must first be given in order to receive and possess something.

As an illustration, the system of bookkeeping by double entry can also be quoted here, the purpose of which lies not in the double entry in debit and credit, but in the checking of the balance between output and return.

In his novel Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, Goethe wrote about this type of bookkeeping: “What an advantage for the merchant is the system of bookkeeping by double entry; it is one of the most sublime sublimest inventions of human genius, and every good householder should introduce it into his establishment” (Book 1, Chapter 10).

Yet man could not invent it but only discover it, as a faint repetition of the Principle of Balance, which has been anchored in Creation from the very beginning.

Naturally this principle holds good equally for what takes place spiritually. The spirit of man also lives from the spiritual power that the Creator gives perpetually into His Creation for its maintenance and expansion. With this power he forms his intuitive perceptions, his thoughts and his deeds.

But the counter-value, which he owes to his Creator as a return for its use, is gratitude, joyful gratitude through the deed, that is through the right application of this power. Thus gratitude in the relationship between men is also an important balancing factor, if it is really heartfelt and not superficial.

Through the one-sided application of the spiritual power of Creation for what is base over thousands of years, the human spirit has lost the balance in every sphere of life. He has taken and taken from the rich gifts of Creation, and from what he has taken he has formed almost exclusively what is wrong and evil, and in so doing has forgotten the balancing factor of giving.

Is it then surprising to us when now the compensating justice of God redresses the balance? The happenings on the whole earth, which become more and more violent, certainly speak to us in plain language.

To maintain strictly and justly the constant balance between giving and taking in every sphere of earth life is a great future task for earthmen, who through a thorough knowledge of the Laws of Creation will then be in a position to do so.

Thus this Law of Balance between giving and receiving will serve in times to come as a basis for a real understanding between peoples. This will be a time in which the peoples and races stand side by side, respecting each other, helping and furthering in the recognition that every people, every race possesses earthly and spiritual values which definitely belong to the perfection of the whole and which again other peoples and races do not have. These are the earthly and spiritual values that constitute the “wealth of the people.”

To the spiritual values, for instance, belong the abilities, the gifts, the nature and strength of the connection with the Power of Creation, and its application; to the earthly values belong the capacity to work, the visible and invisible treasures of Nature, such as the forces of water, fire and air, the treasures of the earth, and also the beauty of the landscape.

All these values make an exchange imperative. Not without coming to grief can any people withhold the gifts and treasures particularly entrusted to them by the Creator from other peoples, who are in need of these for their own completion. For a people that does not continually pass on such values thereby cuts off the vitally necessary exchange. Yet the exchange is to be carried out in such a way that no people will take advantage of the other. Giving and taking must always counterbalance each other.


   Herbert Vollmann, 1903 - 1999, was born in Germany. On his quest for spiritual values he became acquainted with The Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” written by Abd-ru-shin and made it the content of his life. Mr. Vollmann has drawn his knowledge from this work as well as through personal conversations with Abd-ru-shin.

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