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   THE GRAIL MESSAGE “In the Light of Truth” by Abd-ru-shin mediates the knowledge about the structure of Creation, explains the connections without a gap and gives an overview of all the happenings in Creation. It is directed solely towards the individual, because he alone carries the responsibility for all his thoughts and actions. If he turns towards the good, all else also becomes good. It immediately manifests in marriages, the family and finally on the whole people.

An important point in the Grail Message is the explanation about the Laws of Creation. They operate uniformly throughout the whole Creation, in the earthly sphere as well as in the invisible parts of Creation. Some of them shall be examined here:


Which is aptly mentioned by the following bible passage (Gal.6.7): "Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” This Law applies not only to the earthly but also to spiritual sowing and reaping! If therefore a man puts good thoughts, perceptions and deeds into the world according to this Law he will harvest, at a certain time, a multitude of goodness, but if the volition is evil many dark reactions will return.

The choice between a good or an evil volition lies in man’s free will, which is also where his responsibility is rooted. In this Law the fate or the karma of man is fulfilled. If he therefore is assailed by a difficult fate, he would even want to hold God responsible. However through his own guilt he has given the cause for it, which can often lie far back in previous earth-lives. Yet it lies again in man’s hands to turn everything to the good, when he earnestly strives to abide by the Laws and Commandments of God.

In the Law of Sowing and Reaping - The Law of Reciprocal Action - also lies the explanation for the dreadful collective and individual fates of humanity, which we are currently experiencing, and which should awaken compassion within us. In addition to this an increased spiritual power comes into the Creation through the World Judgment. This power pushes all the good and bad deeds, which have matured in the past Millennia, to rapid final release, and accelerates the natural catastrophes. It is the time of the “End of the World” which Jesus prophesied in the 24. Chapter of the gospel of Matthew. However, it is only the end of this old, evil world. After the World Judgment a new and good world shall follow with the thousand year Kingdom of Peace on earth. In the Book of Revelations the old and the new world are also being depicted in spiritually presented pictures.


We can observe, for example, how a piece of iron sinks to the bottom in a glass of water, whereas a piece of cork does not go under, but stays on the top. The effect is exactly the same in the life of man. According to its good or evil volition, a human soul makes itself lighter or heavier. As a result it climbs up to lighter regions or sinks to deeper, darker regions, after its earthly death.


This has entered the common speech with the expressions “birds of a feather flock together” and “the apple does not fall far from the tree”. The whole social life of humanity also fulfills itself under the influence of this Law. Whether it concerns the association of peoples, and races, or for religious, social, occupational, economic, and political reasons, one can always find people who fit together in some way or the other. Ancient cultures had an inkling of the effect of this important law, and followed it unconsciously with the designation of guilds and cultural casts. In these casts everyone had the possibility to live and develop on the ground of their own homogeneous type. In contrast to this, the division over time into upper, middle, and lower classes was wrong!

This produced on the one hand envy and hate, and on the other hand conceit, arrogance, indolence, and finally resulted in a class struggle. In reality only the cooperation of classes standing side by side will bring about a harmonious development in the future, for every class is then of full value in its own way, and has talents and good qualities which the others do not have. It is a necessary part of the whole. When this Law is rightly understood, all social problems can be solved. A lasting social peace and ascent is thus guaranteed.


When Jesus spoke of this, “That it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20, 35), he meant this Law. All Happenings in Creation are subject to this Law, be it the play of forces between celestial bodies or the sense of balance of our earthly body. We follow it daily, albeit for the most part unconsciously, as with exhaling and inhaling or when we are striving to bring something ‘into balance’.

On the other hand we can experience harm when something puts us ‘out of balance’ in great or small things, for ignoring this Law causes blockages and disturbances, and with constant disregard, even collapse and ruin.

Thus this Law of Balance between giving and receiving will serve in times to come as a basis for a real understanding between peoples. This will be a time in which the peoples and races stand side by side, respecting each other, helping and furthering in the recognition that every people, every race possesses earthly and spiritual values which definitely belong to the perfection of the whole and which again other peoples and races do not have. However, this depends on a vitally necessary exchange of these values, which must be justly weighed according to the Law of Balance between giving and receiving!


   Herbert Vollmann, 1903 - 1999, was born in Germany. On his quest for spiritual values he became acquainted with The Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” written by Abd-ru-shin and made it the content of his life. Mr. Vollmann has drawn his knowledge from this work as well as through personal conversations with Abd-ru-shin.

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