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   Money has become such an important factor in men’s commercial transactions that these can no longer be thought of without it.

All the greater are the reverses that result when a monetary system proves unsound. The consequences may assume catastrophic proportions, as they keep recurring when great devaluations (inflations) take place.

But it seems that the heavy material losses this causes ever again, the great psychic distress involved, the change in the conception of law and order, and the destruction of good faith, have hardly at all led to any reflection as to the cause of the error, which is still repeated even today.

It is no excuse when a war, a state of emergency or Providence is often given as reasons for all this distress. For man himself is to blame for every kind of misery. Yet in all probability it will hardly occur to anyone that man’s failure might lie in an insufficient observance of the Laws of Nature or the Laws of Creation, which are also authoritative for human life on earth.

Only the heeding and recognizing of the lawfulness in Creation, and its application to earth life, bring about genuine progress, ensuring not only earthly benefit but also above all spiritual values.

One example of such lawfulness is the necessary balance between giving and taking, to which all processes in Creation are subject. It is self-evident that the financial and economic systems must also be based on this Law of Balance, so that a lasting sound balance can be achieved within them, all the more so since just here the symbol of this Law, the scales, reminds us of it.

This undoubtedly eliminates artificial measures. How little safe and natural these are has been demonstrated by past inflations, and is again demonstrated today by the complicated manipulations, as well as by the only temporarily effective pegging of the market, which are continually needed in order to support unsound currencies.

These do not put an end to the evil, which lies in the one-sidedness of a currency, where taking predominates and counter-values are not given in the right proportion. Nothing is more dangerous just here than one-sidedness, which always remains unnatural, and therefore cannot bring about anything viable.

Man must therefore find ways and means that correspond with the Laws of Creation and that are adapted to secure his financial system. The history of money, the ups and downs of the monetary systems during thousands of years, teach us that up till now this has not been achieved. Always the same road can be seen, which men must follow in all spheres of earth life when they place their pseudo-knowledge above the Creator's Will, Which manifests in the Laws of Creation: they lose their balance, and their works, which have arisen from this pseudo-knowledge, prove to be wrong.

This means that a secure monetary system can only be built up and maintained by inwardly secure human beings, whether leaders or citizens of a state. Everyone must contribute to this. The leadership of a state is also made up of individual human beings, each of whom must bear his personal responsibility according to the Laws of Creation.

But the inner security, that is the security of the soul, can only be attained by the human spirit's adjusting itself in all things to the Laws of Creation, to which the Laws of Nature also belong, and by completely translating into earth life the recognitions that it reaches when studying these Laws.

Thus man must above all adjust monetary matters and economic life to the Law of the Necessary Balance between Giving and Taking.

In this Law rests the long-sought firm basis upon which a sound monetary system can be built, as a secure foundation for the many-sided structure of the economic life of a people. The just balance thus made possible will permit confidence, contentment and harmony to develop steadily and come to fruition.

Such a thorough change can certainly not be carried out overnight, but it is worth thinking about, so that at the given time, after all the bitter experiences, a lasting earthly foundation can this time be laid for the spiritual ascent of mankind.

Excerpted from the book A Gate Opens by Herbert Vollmann.
© 2000 by Stiftung Gralsbotschaft, in Germany. All rights reserved.


   Herbert Vollmann, 1903 - 1999, was born in Germany. On his quest for spiritual values he became acquainted with The Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” written by Abd-ru-shin and made it the content of his life. Mr. Vollmann has drawn his knowledge from this work as well as through personal conversations with Abd-ru-shin.

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