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Death and the Beyond

Excerpts from  A GATE OPENS  by Herbert Vollmann

   WHAT MATTERS IS to enlighten people unreservedly about everything associated with death and what takes place at that time, because all this belongs inseparably to the great oneness of our existence. We shall all have to cross this threshhold one day. Is it not better to do this knowingly, instead of being pushed into the unknown?

Dr. Richard Steinpach


       The essays that follow are dealt with from the spiritual viewpoint, and are intended as a stimulus for contemplation on those things which cannot be perceived with our five senses, but only with the intuitive perception of the spirit. May these essays encourage deep reflection, above all about ourselves, without our falling at the same time into unhealthy pondering.

Then a gate may suddenly open that until now had remained closed, behind which emerges an ever brighter path that can lead unswervingly out of many oppressing errors, doubts, and afflictions: Upwards to the Light!

Herbert Vollmann

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Excerpts are translated after the original German "Ein Tor öffnet sich" (A Gate Opens).
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