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Death and the Beyond

Excerpts from  A GATE OPENS  by Herbert Vollmann


by Herbert Vollmann

A Gate Opens - image

   THIS BOOK IS INTENDED to show how the building blocks of the Knowledge of Creation, which the work In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin gives to men, can be joined together like mosaic pieces into pictures (themes), with the aim of a joyful spiritual experience, if in being put together the picture emerges complete.

May the essays worked out in this way encourage a deeper reflection, above all about ourselves, without our falling at the same time into unhealthy pondering.

Then a gate may suddenly open that until now had remained closed, behind which emerges an ever brighter path that can lead unswervingly out of many oppressing errors, doubts and afflictions: Upwards to the Light!

For all human spirits who bear within them the firm volition for the good, there is only one way to the Light. Manifold are the human paths that lead there, whether they be marked by bitter suffering or filled with joyous longing.

But with serious seeking there will always come the day when all these paths converge on that path that leads into the Light of Truth, whether it be here on earth or in the beyond.

May the recognitions given in this volume be of help to seekers in finding and treading the path that leads upwards to God’s Luminous Realms, and finally to eternal Life!


   Herbert Vollmann, 1903 - 1999, was born in Germany. On his quest for spiritual values he became acquainted with The Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” written by Abd-ru-shin and made it the content of his life. Mr. Vollmann has drawn his knowledge from this work as well as through personal conversations with Abd-ru-shin.

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Excerpts are translated after the original German "Ein Tor öffnet sich" (A Gate Opens).
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