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The Seret of the Blood


   THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE unrecognized connection the blood provides between body and spirit opens the door to new therapeutic possibilities and allows for a completely different treatment of problems concerning the psychic balance. These new treatments react on the spirit by means of the blood helping the spirit – the true self – to have an unaltered perception of reality.

Psychic disturbances, depression or distress can all be treated by supplying the blood with the elements it needs and by eliminating those that are in excess.

There are many ways to alter the composition of the blood. We can remedy deficiencies through diets that are adapted to the needs of the person being treated, as well as by using supplements containing the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for recovery. When it is a question of cleansing the blood, we can use toxin-draining methods and we can neutralize and eliminate toxic metals with the help of specific trace elements. Of course, these methods do not alter the spirit per say, but help it to assert itself. They enable the spirit to better control its different states of being and thereby further its own development.

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