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The Secret of the Blood


   The blood not only plays a role as connecting link between the spirit and body but it also serves as a path of communication between the two.

The information received through the five physical senses is gathered in the brain. Then, after being refined, they are transmitted to the spirit via the bridge of radiations. In the reverse order, the will of the human spirit – that is to say the direction he chooses to give to events – is transmitted along this same bridge of radiations to the brain which carries out this will in the world of dense matter.

It follows that every modification in the composition of the blood alters the perceptive possibilities of the spirit, and through this, its state of being. To better illustrate this fact let us take a few examples:

Whenever the level of blood sugar (glycaemia) drops too low, the person in this state of hypoglycaemia feels weak; he no longer has any strength to act and suddenly his reality changes from what it was before the crisis. He generally has no energy, his morale is low, he becomes pessimistic and has a bleak outlook. The least little problem fills him with anguish and obstacles seem insurmountable. However, his lack of confidence in himself and his capabilities, along with all his fears, quickly disappear as soon as his glycaemic level returns to normal.

Another well-known situation that alters a person’s state of being is the consumption of alcohol. When someone drinks too much and becomes drunk we say “he is not in his right mind”. But not being in one’s right mind simply means to perceive and to act differently than usual. Or, in other words, with a different awareness of reality.

There are many more examples of psychic alterations due to changes in the composition of the blood. Nutritional discoveries show us daily how even the presence or absence, of one vitamin or one mineral can influence our outlook on the world; causing distress, phobias, and fears, or on the other hand creating a sense of well-being and self-confidence. The spirit can also be hindered when the blood contains substances that should not be there (lead or aluminium for example) or substances that appear in excess (copper, zinc, phosphorous). Such hindrances disappear as soon as we rid the blood of them or correct their levels.

The blood’s role as connecting link and bridge between body and spirit explains why food regimens and diets actually do have an effect on the spirit. This results from the fact that the composition of the blood partly depends on what we eat. By modifying our nourishment we also alter the composition of our blood, for better or worse. This in turn transforms the nature of the connections between spirit and body; and thus the way we feel.

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