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The Secret of the Blood


   The examples given earlier demonstrated what happens in extreme cases when the organism in its entirety – body and blood – is threatened by danger. The priorities were clear; the body was sacrificed in order to save the blood. The blood, therefore, was more important. Yet a fundamental question begs to be asked: if the body is there for the blood, then what is the blood there for? In fact, if the blood is more important than the body, than that which the blood serves must be more important still. But what is it?

The answer to this question is not to be found in scientific journals but in a spiritual work entitled In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin, a work upon which I have based my explanations of the misunderstood role of the blood.

The bloods most important role is to form a connecting link between the body and the spirit. Without blood the spirit incarnate neither nor remain incarnated in the physical body which it uses as its instrument or tool. The spirit is therefore not connected to the body; but it is connected to the blood, and through it to the body. We can now understand why the body works so vigorously for the blood, that it is even willing to sacrifice itself for the blood. Without the blood there is no connecting bridge and therefore no physical life. If the body is alive it is not because of the blood but because of the spirit – the only true living element within the human being – which is connected to the body through the blood.

To be more precise, this connection is achieved through radiations which emenate from the blood. These latter join up with the radiations issuing from the spirit and together form a solid connection, much in the same way as two magnets adhere together through a bridge of magnetic radiations.

The blood’s role as connecting link is easy to ascertain when we think about what happens during a hemorrhage. The greater the blood loss the more the connection between the body and the spirit loosens. The injured person feels faint and loses consciousness. Whenever the necessary quantity of blood needed to maintain the connection is insufficient, the connection is severed. The spirit separates from the body: this is death. Death of the physical body that is no longer animated or invigorated by the spirit through the radiations of the blood.

Although most human beings have approximately the same amount of blood, some have more while others have less. For example, people of a sanguine blood type have more blood and this is visibly noticeable: their skin is red and flushed. Also, the fact that they have more blood binds their spirit more solidly to matter, or in other words, their spirit is more firmly anchored in their body. They enjoy material things: to drink, to eat, and to be socially active.

On the other side of the spectrum there are anaemic individuals. These people lack blood and this is also visibly noticeable: they are pale skinned, sometimes even white. Because they are weakly connected to their body they do not always look well therein, they are often not very enterprising but instead seem to float in the world of thoughts.

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