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The Seret of the Blood


   In the manner in which things have been presented thus far, the spirit would appear to be dependent on material things, such as food, vitamins, pollutants…that alter the composition of the blood and through this, the spirit’s state of being. We will now see that this is only partially true and that the spirit can also influence and modify the radiations and composition of the blood. The spirit must, in fact, do so in order for the radiations to always correspond to its state at the moment.

In the case of danger, the radiations emitting from the spirit are tainted with fear and consequently alter the blood radiations. This translates into adrenaline being present in the blood. In this manner the spirit feels the urgency of the situation. If this alteration did not take place, the spirit would still perceive its body as the object of the aggression but would not itself feel threatened and therefore not react accordingly. It would react as an observer instead of truly living the experience.

Whenever we are filled with peace and serenity instead of fear – that is to say, whenever our spirit is serene – our blood radiates in the same way and we act with calm. Our surroundings can also feel our inner state, even though we have not yet expressed it in words or actions.

We retain this state of serenity until the spirit is once again confronted with a new situation and chooses to react differently and by this, alters its blood radiations. These new radiations will perhaps be filled with anger or disappointment, but nevertheless they will last until the state of being is again modified.

The influence of the spirit on the blood composition is, after all, well known. Many different expressions in our language corroborate this fact. When a person is angry over a situation we say “it makes his blood boil”, or a person who is quick tempered we refer to as being “hot blooded”.

But the spirit’s influence on the blood goes much further. The strength of the spirit’s radiations permits them to considerably reinforce the sometimes deficient blood radiations. This explains the fact why some sick people or accident victims survive in spite of their grim prognosis, while others succumb to much less severe conditions. In this first case, the will to survive, emanating from the spirit, maintains the blood radiations and helps recovery; while in the second case, by giving up too quickly, the blood radiations are deprived of the spirit’s support.

A similar process takes place when a spirit is afraid to leave its life behind, either because the separation is premature or because it believes that everything ends with physical death. It is afraid of death and tries to fend it off in any way possible. The spirit therefore strives to remain connected to its body. This intense desire directs its radiations downwards which in turn reinforces the blood radiations and keeps it attached to the body. The spirit preserves its body, despite of its decrepitude, far beyond the threshold of departure for one less attached to the earth. This results in painful agony.

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